GaN For Dummies

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TriQuint has written two new resources – GaN RF Technology For Dummies® and RF Applications of GaN For Dummies® – to help you learn more about the basics of gallium nitride (GaN) in RF technology and how you can use GaN in your RF product designs.

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You'll Learn:

GaN RF Technology For Dummies:

  • The key properties of GaN
  • What makes GaN FETs unique
  • How GaN compares to other semiconductor technologies
  • The thermal challenges of GaN
  • Ten important facts about GaN technology

RF Applications of GaN For Dummies:

  • How GaN benefits your system applications
  • Why and when to use GaN
  • Important design factors for GaN
  • GaN's utility in multiple applications
  • Ten keys to success using GaN
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