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TriQuint Receives New GaN Achievement Award

March 5, 2013 - TriQuint has been honored at the 2013 CS International conference for its new GaN-on-diamond wafers with advanced thermal management that can enable RF devices up to three times smaller than today's solutions. The DARPA-funded Near Junction Thermal Transport initiative is the third TriQuint GaN program honored in three years by international semiconductor industry leaders. James L. Klein, Vice President and General Manager for Infrastructure and Defense Products, remarked that unlocking the true potential of high-efficiency GaN circuits is being realized through TriQuint achievements. "We are enabling new generations of GaN devices that offer significant RF design and operational benefits for our commercial and defense customers," he said. TriQuint's design-ready GaN solutions are complemented by a full range of post-processing, packaging, test and foundry services. Contact TriQuint for details.