About Us

Gallium Arsenide Innovation Since 1985

Historically, gallium arsenide (GaAs) technology has been synonymous with high-efficiency, low-noise RF applications in defense, infrastructure and mobile devices. For more than 25 years, TriQuint has steadily enhanced the performance of GaAs technology while improving integration, power density, efficiency and ruggedness.

TriQuint built its reputation as a GaAs innovator through decades of research and process enhancement. Our GaAs technology offers the best combination of performance, value and reliability because of our unmatched reliability programs and our ability to scale capacity to meet customer needs and schedules. By constantly innovating and improving our processes, TriQuint earns its reputation as the RF solutions provider of choice for manufacturers worldwide.

Benefits of GaAs Over Silicon

  • GaAs is well suited for wireless applications — The overall market for GaAs RFICs and MMICs continues to grow, driven by the unquenched thirst for more wireless communication bandwidth and the development of circuits for emerging markets. WLAN, cordless phones, 3G / 4G cellular, point-to-point (PtP) radio, fiber optic communications, cable TV (CATV) and defense radar, communications and electronic warfare (EW) all depend on GaAs technology.
  • Higher performance and more integration — Whether as standalone amplifiers or integrated into complex, multifunction modules, GaAs continues to significantly outperform the current drain, efficiency and output power density of silicon designs, often in smaller die sizes.
  • Greater value — Improvements in GaAs manufacturing continue to make it the technology of choice for many RF applications. GaAs is the best technology when RF designers are looking for solutions that offer low noise, long-term process reliability, and high efficiency, performance, or dependability.